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Mobile Sensing and Communications

Program LeaderProfessor Xiaojing Huang

Research in this program is focused on the development of advanced remote sensing and wireless communications technologies to improve national and global broadband infrastructure, and meet the requirements of environmental sensing and management. Our core strengths are in high-speed data communications (tens of gigabits per second), reconfigurable and cognitive antennas and radio systems, super-sensitive receivers, low-latency data transfers, signal processing and software defined networks. Our labs are well equipped with state of the art RF and digital equipment to meet industry needs.

The program is delivering research at the forefront of a number of fields including reconfigurable, conformal, wide and multi-band antennas for future wireless communications and sensing, millimetre-wave and THz communications, full duplex wireless communications, image radar and radio holography, and superfast digital signal processing platforms.

Terahertz communications

Our researchers are leading the development of fundamental technologies for high-speed terahertz communications, including system architecture, superconducting receiver frontend design and implementation, and high-speed digital modem design and implementation.

Synthetic aperture radio holography (SARaH)

With applications ranging from geoscience and climate research to environmental and agricultural monitoring, the development of key enabling technologies for the generation of high resolution three-dimensional radar will allow continuous-wave signals to be used in low-power long-range synthetic aperture imaging radars.

Reconfigurable antenna arrays

Through developing fundamental theory and key techniques for novel reconfigurable antenna arrays for wireless sensing and communications, our researchers are creating cutting-edge technologies to significantly improve communications data-rates and distance.

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