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The UTS Data Arena is a 360-degree interactive data visualisation facility set to change the way we view and interact with data.

Viewers stand in the middle of a large cylindrical screen, four metres high and ten metres in diameter. A high performance computer graphics system drives six 3D-stereo video projectors, edge-blended to create a seamless three-dimensional panorama.

Picture clarity is made possible from an image that’s 20,000 x 1200 pixels. Each user wears Active-Shutter Glasses, which present separate left/right views to achieve a stereo-visual effect. To complement the visual experience, a 16-channel audio system surrounds the Arena. Speakers fitted behind the perforated screen allow sound to be positioned in 3D space.

It’s a powerful immersive facility which can help business, government, and research simplify complex information. Users in the Arena can surround themselves in data to observe, explore, refine, improve, discover and learn.


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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

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WATCH: Life Sciences

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