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STEAMpunk Girls

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STEAMpunk Girls is an educational program that advocates for young women, aged 12-16, to create their own counter culture.

Led by the UTS Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Intelligence Unit (IECI), the program has a vision of a more innovative Australia where women have agency and a voice in society.

STEAMpunk Girls exposes young women to science, technology, engineering, arts and maths (STEAM) and female role models. It creates a space for young women to participate in and create the conversation around STEAM education and empowers them to carve out their own study and career pathways.

STEAMpunk Girls highlights the dynamic STEAM projects, role models, and research at UTS.

The program will bring together UTS researchers and external partners to design unique content to excite young women about transdisciplinary learning and problem solving. UTS has strong industry partnerships in the technology space and is leading the way in transdisciplinary education.

STEAMpunk Girls will draw on content from existing UTS programs to engage young women with STEAM and help them develop entrepreneurial mindsets.

STEAMpunk Girls Pilot


STEAMpunk Girls will officially launch in May 2017 with a pilot running between May and August.

60 girls from four high schools in Sydney will engage with five touch points and project based learning culminating in a showcase event that ties in with National Science Week. Participants will be introduced to STEAM and design thinking to help them develop their technical skills, creativity, and critical thinking capacities.

The STEAMpunk Girls pilot was developed through a co-design process with 24 high school girls and five teachers. This process tested what engages young women with STEAM and how it can be communicated. Content, recurring themes and ideas from the co-designing are being used to design the pilot.

Get Involved ...

UTS IECI plans to develop further educational interventions to engage young women across Australia with STEAM education and entrepreneurial skillsets.

  • Like-minded organisations with a passion for supporting young women and preparing students for the workplaces of the future are encouraged to get in touch to discuss partnering with us
  • UTS students, staff and researchers are also encouraged to get in touch to see how they can support STEAMpunk Girls and showcase their work

  • Schools, teachers and students can get in touch to find out how they can be involved in the program.

Send an email to: steampunkgirls@uts.edu.au


Image attribution. The co-design workshop. Photo by Clare Hannah for UTS IECI.
Last updated March 30, 2017.