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    You can choose to study primary or secondary education at UTS. Our custom-built facilities are designed to help you learn how to best teach these students using the latest technology. You'll be assigned to one of over 400 schools in your first semester and complete at least 88 days of practice throughout your course. Our experimental learning studio is a flexible teaching space that allows students to learn and teach in an unconventional classroom. This equips students to teach in different and modern environments when they step out into the workforce.

    We are now in our science lab which simulates a range of equipment and materials that are used in high schools. In this lab you'll get to not only learn and practice the principles of teaching science to high school students but you'll also get to do some really cool experiments.

    If art is what you're into then you'll be using this studio a lot. This space facilitates for creative learning in different forms of visual arts so that you can take those skills to the classroom. In here students get to create paintings, ceramics, drawings and digital art in this fully equipped art studio. We're now in our music and performance studio where students studying a music or dance subject learn how to teach primary students. They also get to use the wide range of musical instruments seen here to extend their musical knowledge. Find out more at