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The Curriculum and Career Development Team at UTS Careers works with academics and faculties to provide career development education and support both within and outside the curriculum. We empower UTS students and recent graduates with the tools they need to successfully manage their careers and build their confidence for life-long employability. 

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  • In Curriculum

    Our team of Careers Consultants works closely with faculties to develop and deliver employability modules and activities that are aligned to their degree learning. Our in-curriculum support is designed to complement the subject learning, therefore we typically assist with professional development, work integrated learning, internship preparation and reflection, or other topics that relate to how degree learning connects to industry or career paths.

  • Co-Curricular

    In addition to our in-curriculum work, our Careers Consultants also manage a range of faculty specific co-curricular activities, programs and workshops. These initiatives are designed to complement degree learning but are run outside of class time. Some examples include networking sessions, recruitment trends, industry panels and placement preparation programs.


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