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UTS Governance


The UTS Rules, made by Council and in accordance with clause 29(2) of the UTS Act, have the same force and standing as a by-law. The Rules detail the mandatory functions, actions, responsibilities and obligations for the UTS community. 

UTS Rules apply to all students, staff, contractors and visitors to the University.

For ease of reference, the UTS Rules are divided into 'Student Rules' and 'General Rules'.

Student Rules

The University's Student Rules cover a suite of mandatory requirements for academic teaching, learning and research related activities. They cover student responsibilities, all processes from admissions through coursework and research requirements to exams, assessments and graduations. The Rules also include details of processes for student misconduct and appeals.

General Rules

The University's​ General Rules cover requirements for Council membership, the roles and responsibilities of Academic Board and Faculty Boards, and the University’s election processes.

Changes to UTS Rules

Changes to UTS Rules are documented in the table of changes and published on the University’s Official Noticeboard.

Chinese translation of UTS Rules

For a Chinese translation of UTS Rules and selected policies, see 悉尼科技大学校规全译以及相关政策选译.