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UTS Governance


UTS standing delegations include the key decision-making authorities for the financial, human resources, administrative, academic and governance functions of the University.

Delegations at UTS are made by Council and defined in the Standing Delegations of Authority (PDF).

Section 17 of the UTS Act provides that Council may, by resolution, delegate all or any of its functions (except the power of delegation) to:

  • any member or committee of Council, or
  • any authority or officer of the University, or
  • any other person or body prescribed by the UTS By-law.

​The Standing Delegations are supported by a range of instruments that assist the smooth operation of the delegation system. These instruments include:

  • Guidelines for authorisation of general expenditure
  • Guidelines for authorisation of human resource approvals
  • Protocol for execution of documents

and are available at Delegations.