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Our vision is to be a leading public university of technology recognised for our global impact

Our strategy, UTS 2027, is how we're getting there.

UTS is a public university of technology. We are, and always will be, an inclusive university, committed to research, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge of public value. 

We will be defined by how we support our communities to thrive, economically, socially and culturally. And measured by the success of our partners, staff and students.

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    We are UTS. And this is our vision.

    We will develop generations of resilient and creative thinkers, equipped with boundary-crossing skills.

    Our campus will blend the physical and virtual, supporting a lifetime of learning.

    We will curate personal experiences for our students in our vibrant innovation precinct. We will be recognised as Australia's leading university in entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Our strength in innovation will help us lead in the responsible use of technology.

    Our research will be exemplified by excellence, global engagement and innovative partnerships. It will transcend disciplinary and professional boundaries to deliver real-world solutions.

    We are committed to setting a new benchmark for excellence in Indigenous higher education, research, employment and community engagement.

    We are an inclusive university. We celebrate diversity and diversity of thought. We exist to benefit society.

    Ours is a compelling story, driven by our determination to contribute to the world, inspiring a bright, sustainable future.

    A future where we will be a leading public university of technology recognised for our global impact.

    Come with us on our ambitious journey.

Our approach

When we started developing our long-term strategy back in 2019, we did not predict a global pandemic. What we did foresee were big changes to higher education and the workforce over the next decade.

We needed a strategic plan that would enable us to adjust and grow in the face of these unpredictable challenges. And that’s why we’re delivering UTS 2027 three years at a time.

A staggered approach means we can adjust our focus where necessary, including as we navigate the COVID-19 era and subsequent changes to the higher education sector.

The first phase of UTS 2027 set a solid foundation. Now, we’re in the transformational phase, with a suite of forward-thinking initiatives and exciting projects driving us towards our vision. Throughout all this change, what remains constant is our commitment to our role as a public university that teaches, innovates, and undertakes research to benefit society.

The values that guide us

These values inspire us in our work and guide us in all our interactions, with each other, with students, our partners and the wider community.

Discover and share new knowledge and new ways to lead through our teaching, research, intellectual debate and use of technology.

Engage and collaborate with each other, our students, alumni, partners, professions and communities, locally and internationally.

Empower each other and our students to grow, contribute, challenge and make a difference.

Deliver on our obligations to each other, our students, our partners and communities while maintaining high standards and ethical behaviour.

Sustain our local and global environment, organisational health and our ability to create a positive, viable future.

Our commitment

Social justice and accessibility

UTS is  a diverse and inclusive university committed to social justice and the economic, social and cultural prosperity of our community. Through our research, our graduates and our engagement in public debates, we aim to ensure a just and equitable society.

We’re a university for all, ensuring everyone who desires and merits a place at UTS is enabled to do so. We support individuals and communities to achieve their full potential, and we attract a wide range of students from Australia and overseas.

Our students will join a community that values diversity of thought, critical thinking and technical mastery.



Responsible leadership

Underpinning our story and vision is our commitment to instilling responsible, transformative leadership. Our focus as a university of technology, will enable us to further our understanding of how technology interacts with and changes communities.

Over the next decade, we will provide insights, partnerships and leadership for the responsible use of technology that supports a rapidly changing society.

We’re ethical and transparent in our actions, and foster the responsible use of technology across the entire UTS community.



Excellence in Indigenous higher education and research

UTS understands the importance of Indigenous education and knowledges for all Australians. This will differentiate our approach across research, learning and engagement.

We’ll be home to a culture of excellence in Indigenous higher education, research, employment and community engagement, providing a new benchmark for the Australian higher education sector.

Our graduates will be professionally equipped to work successfully with, and for, Indigenous Australians, while our university will have the cross-organisational planning, knowledge, cultural competence and capability to support and achieve this.