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Awesome result for Games showcase!

13 July 2017

Judging at the inaugural Games Showcase. Image: UTS

The inaugural UTS Game Degree Showcase was a stunning success!

Coordinated by School of Software lecturers Dr Jaime Marin and Dr William Raffe, this newly created opportunity allowed students to share work in progress on the games they developed throughout semester

“Our students were very excited about the idea of showcasing their games to a cross-discipline judging panel and being able to see other students’ games,” said Dr Marin.

“Each game was created by a group of 3-4 students.  From the second year subject Introduction to Computer Game Design (IGD), we had 25 games and from third year Game Design Studio 1 (GDS1) we had four games, so 29 in total for our judges to consider.”

The independent judges were an eminent group with panellists from Microsoft, Neuroscience Research Australia, 2and2 Game, Golden Age Creative, and UTS faculties.

“The scoring from the judges was used to mark the ‘fun’ component of the games, while William and I assessed aspects such as game mechanics, coding and project management. The combination was then used for the final marking of the projects,” said Dr Marin.

Everyone spoke highly of what was a fun and engaging experience, strengthening relationships with external partners and highlighting the vibrancy of the UTS gaming degree. For students it was a unique opportunity to both show their technical skills and what they are capable of, and practice communication and presentation.

The best Game from IGD was

  • Group 5: Pipe Fish: Harrison Bowers, Jacob Harris, Louis Vo

The best Game from GDS1 was

  • Team 3: Silence in the Library: Jay Kshatriya, Anming Liu, Teddy Tran, Siyu Zhou

Both winning teams were presented with vouchers by UTS, and second place getters with games vouchers from Golden Age Creative.

And there’s more!

“Our industry partners from Cogniss and 2and2 were very impressed with the games at the UTS Game Studio Student Showcase and after the event made a fantastic offer to our students,” says Jaime.

“Cogniss and 2and2 would like to take the two winning teams on for an internship. This is an amazing opportunity where they would get the chance to work four days per week in a real games studio for over three months!”

So while a survey of participants showed that over 90% want more events like this in the future, now they have even more to play for!