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We’ve pulled together a few of our favourite student profiles to give you a taste for why people choose to study at UTS and what our students have gained from their studies. Where will UTS lead you?

"My experience through the Masters Program has been really rewarding as it provided an opportunity for me to expand my learning of all things Local Government. Learning alongside fellow students that come from all levels of Local Government, and learning from expert lecturers and guest speakers all from the Local Government sector made this a worthwhile experience.

I appreciated that the workload in this program was challenging however very achievable. I found the program very respectful to the fact that we are all working full time and lead busy lives.

I would certainly recommend the Masters in Local Government program for professionals seeking a well-rounded qualification."

Paul Tracey, Curator Botanic Garden, Wollongong City Council - Graduate Diploma in Local Government Management (2004) and Master of Local Government (2016)


"The great strength of all of the programs was in their practical application back at the workplace.  That coupled with the inspiration of many of the speakers and fellow students (including a few beers during) made the experience very rewarding and I would recommend these courses to any practitioner in Local Government.”

Grantley Ingram, Director of Regulatory Services, Bombala Council - Graduate Certificate in Development Assessment, Graduate Diploma in Local Government Management and Master of Local Government


"In terms of self-discovery there have been great opportunities, both from inward contemplation and also through interaction with the other participants in the course. In terms of networking I have connected with a number of people who have been a pleasure to learn with and who will be of benefit to my future journey in local government.

The calibre of the presenters and guest speakers has been extremely high, many giving great insight into the local government environment and the challenges we face, often on a daily basis. The course load has been more than manageable given that the local government workload can often be quite demanding.

The journey I have taken while studying this Certificate has been a fruitful and rewarding experience, which I could recommend to anyone considering undertaking study to further their career in local government.”

Jenny Campbell, Narrabri Shire Council - Graduate Certificate in Local Government Leadership


"My experience so far with the course has been fantastic. The course has been very specific to the local government environment and the teaching has been a great mix of theory and first-hand knowledge from leaders within local government. 

The course has given me knowledge and tools that I have brought back to workplace and directly applied. I have used the course as a cornerstone of my professional development and I hope to continue to develop my skills as I continue my studies."

Daniel Denford, City of Sydney - Graduate Certificate in Local Government Leadership


"Having started as a Graduate Diploma student, I found the progression to the Master program as a natural step in the process, and a great opportunity to further expand my research skills and my knowledge of Local Government systems both in Australia and overseas. The program offers good flexibility and a vast range of subjects to choose from, but the main value of the courses comes from hearing from expert speakers and networking with your fellow classmates who could be directors, general managers or councillors. The Master has certainly sharpened my focus on Local Government and added further appreciation on how important the sector is in the delivery of essential services to the community.”

Tomasso Briscese, Executive Manager/Internal Ombudsman, Burwood Council - Master of Local Government


Master's Dissertations

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