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Non-current school leavers

Entry pathways

Many new students at UTS use their previous experience within work or study to gain entry to their chosen course.  Entry pathways provide you with an alternative to applying for a course using only your ATAR, and acknowledge the value of learning and preparing for your degree in alternative ways.

Coming from another university

If you go to another university, you can apply to study at UTS via UAC after your first year of study at the other university.

Your application will take into account the marks you achieved while studying in that course. Check faculty admission requirements for information on how your marks are used for selection purposes.

You may also be eligible for credit recognition, so you can avoid redoing the same subjects.

Coming from TAFE or another VET provider

You can gain entry to UTS if you’ve completed a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification, such as an AQF diploma, advanced diploma or the Tertiary Preparation Certificate (TPC) through TAFE or another college. 

You should consider completing a diploma or advanced diploma course at TAFE or a private college if you:

  • don’t get accepted to UTS straight from school,
  • or are unsure about the degree that you want to study.

A VET entry pathway may take a little longer, but it does give you extra qualifications and the time to make sure you’ve chosen the right subjects and the right career path.

Entry requirements for UTS courses vary. If you’re interested in a degree at UTS, and wondering whether your previous study will count towards entry, refer to the course admission requirements.

UTS may also offer credit recognition to students who are transferring from another course. Credit recognition could fast-track completion of your degree by crediting you for UTS subjects, on the basis of your previous studies.  UTS publishes some of its standard credit recognition agreements through the Credit Recognition Database, but also considers applications on a case-by-case basis. 

Visit our Hard Work Deserves Credit page for information and advice around how you can turn your VET studies into a UTS degree.  

If disadvantageous circumstances have impacted on your vocational education, you may also be eligible for ten concessional entry points as part of our educational access scheme inpUTS.

Where to now?

For more information about applying, enrolling or credit recognition, check out Applying to UTS or call 1300 ASK UTS (1300 275 887).

Check deadlines for applications at Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Unistart and direct entry

UNISTART is a new program designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wishing to gain entry into a university degree.

The direct entry program is an entry scheme for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wishing to gain entry to an undergraduate degree at UTS. 

A student-centred program, UNISTART offers you total development – culturally, personally and academically at no cost to you. UNISTART will ease you into campus life and give you a realistic taste of what uni is all about.

You may want to consider UNISTART if you:

  • are mature aged with a wealth of life and work experience and you’re looking for new opportunities
  • have completed TAFE or vocational qualifications and are looking for further study opportunities
  • have not completed year 12
  • have completed year 12 but do not have a university entrance score


UTS: INSEARCH is a registered higher education institution and the pathway provider to UTS through foundation studies and diploma programs.

UTS Foundation Studies

UTS Foundation Studies is offered on behalf of UTS and delivered by UTS: INSEARCH. The UTS Foundation studies program prepares you for Australian university in a range of disciplines. It covers content related to the field of study you may wish to pursue at UTS and encourages development of university skills and learning styles.

This program provides pathways to UTS: INSEARCH Diplomas and for students who achieve exceptional results, entry into the first year of an undergraduate degree at UTS.

You can choose from one of six streams of study:

  • Arts and Social Sciences

  • Business

  • Design and Architecture

  • Information Technology

  • Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

Entry into the program will be determined by your qualifications at the time of entry.

Students who complete the UTS Foundation Studies program with the required grades are eligible to:

  • apply for admission to the first year of undergraduate courses at UTS on a competitive basis
  • enter diploma programs at UTS: INSEARCH.

Diploma courses

UTS: INSEARCH offer a broad range of higher education diplomas, and depending on the diploma chosen you can fast track directly into the second year of the corresponding UTS undergraduate degree if you meet the required Grade Point Average (GPA).

All UTS: INSEARCH diplomas are designed in collaboration with the corresponding UTS faculty. This means the educational outcomes for students undertaking a UTS: INSEARCH diploma are for most courses equivalent to those of first year students undertaking the corresponding undergraduate degree at UTS. You can choose an accelerated diploma program (8 months) or a standard program (12 months).

UTS: INSEARCH offers six diplomas:

  • Business

  • Communication

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Science

In most cases you will complete the same core subjects at UTS: INSEARCH as students studying in their first year at UTS.

The majority of UTS: INSEARCH diploma courses provide up to 48 credit points of credit recognition, which is equivalent to one year of study at UTS.

For all details and articulation conditions please visit the UTS:INSEARCH website (opens an external link).

Work experience

Work experience can count towards your application for some UTS courses. Work experience is considered through a Personal statement or for Engineering, Information Technology and Science courses.

However, requirements vary for different courses and applicants must have a recognised qualification for admission before any work experience is taken into consideration.

For details regarding if and how work experience is considered in applications to a particular UTS course, refer to faculty specific admission requirements.