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Honours courses

An honours course is a one-year, research-based program devoted to a research project. It is the first step towards a career in research, and a unique opportunity for students to explore their research potential.  


Honours projects 2017

School of Life Sciences projects

The School of Life Sciences at UTS brings together research in areas such as environmental, plant, marine biology, medical microbiology, infectious diseases, parasitology, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurological disorders, cancer, metabolic biochemistry and bionanotechnology. 


More about the research teams: 


School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences projects

The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences brings together research in areas such as Medicinal Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Forensics, Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Physics, Advanced Materials, Mathematics, Statistics and Modelling.

Applied Chemistry

For more information contact Dr Andrew McDonagh.

Applied Physics and Nanotechnology

For more information contact Dr Matthew Arnold.

Mathematics, Statistics, Forensics

For more information contact Dr Stephen Woodcock.

How to apply

  1. Come along to the Honours information session and meet with potential honours supervisors. See event details
  2. Talk to supervisors about the projects you are interested in, decide on the project and supervisor that best suit you, and obtain your potential supervisor’s consent to supervise you.
  3. Or if you miss the information session, then you must contact the supervisors directly and arrange a time to meet with them to discuss your interest in undertaking an honours project under their supervision.
  4. Finalise agreement for supervision – it is important that you obtain agreement that the Academic offering the project is willing to supervise you.
  5. Submit the Faculty of Science Supplementary Application form (PDF, 193kB) and appropriate UTS application forms based on the degree, either Bachelor’s Honours or MSc (Hons), you are applying for admission (see below). 

To apply for admission to Bachelor's Honours:

Complete and submit

Closing dates for application, how and where to lodge the forms are on the application forms. 

To apply for admission to Master of Science (Honours):

Important notice

Please be aware that submission of these forms are an expression of interest only and does not guarantee placement in one of the School’s honours programs. The School’s honours committee will meet to assess your application. You will be informed of the result by the date indicated on the supplementary application form. Please keep a copy of your forms for your records.