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Karieshma Kabani

Research student, Karieshma Kabani opening a stem cell container in the labTransplant scientist
"Skills I learnt in haematology and transfusion science are very relevant to what I’m currently doing."
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Research project position

Numbers floating over a DNA strandAn opportunity is open to conduct research on 'big data' statistical algorithms to study the evolution of genomes and antibiotic resistance.

Strengths and centres

Computer generated model of a a DNA strandOur research strengths and centres conduct world-class interdisciplinary research to facilitate quality research degrees.


Professor Baker with U @ Uni Inspiring Science Teachers workshop participantsTeachers find common purpose revitalising school science

UTS Science students doing a comparative test of a vacuum cleaner for CHOICEUTS students help CHOICE choose the best appliances

Beaker light covers in the Building 7 AuditoriumUTS invests in some of the best science facilities in Australia

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