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Diploma in Languages

Getting ready for a global career? Immerse yourself in the study of language and culture before you go.

Diploma in Languages UTS


The Diploma in Languages is a concurrent degree that can be taken alongside any undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program. Engage with the in-depth study of your chosen culture, and choose from six language options, no matter what level of proficiency you’re at:

  • Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese or Spanish

Note: The Diploma is available to domestic (undergraduate and postgraduate) students only. It must be taken concurrently with another coursework program — it is not a standalone degree.

Course structure

You’ll study one Diploma in Languages subject per session in addition to your professional degree subjects. If you’re a full-time student, this will increase your study load from the standard 24cp full-time load to 32cp.

Optional overseas study opportunities may also be available. See International Intensive Electives for more info.

Language and Culture subjects (48cp)

The Diploma is comprised of six Language and Culture subjects in your chosen major. Subjects are offered at a range of levels, from beginner to advanced, and focus on the four macro language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Graduate outcomes

The Diploma in Languages will add international perspectives and skills to your professional degree and prepare you for globalised work opportunities. Career options are generally based on the professional component of your course. However, Diploma graduates also develop a range of attributes, including:

  • oral and written communication skills in at least one language other than English
  • the capacity to operate appropriately in intercultural professional contexts
  • a broad and coherent understanding of the historical, political, cultural, social and economic situations of countries and societies where their language of study is spoken
  • cosmopolitan openness, with an awareness of, and commitment to, ethical practices.

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What the students say

Madelaine Ventura, UTS Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication) Diploma in Languages (Japanese)Madelaine Ventura
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication) Diploma in Languages

“The opportunity to take a language alongside your course (any course!) is almost exclusive to UTS. It’s great brain exercise!”

Amanda Newton, UTS Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL Diploma in Languages (Spanish)Amanda Newton
Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL Diploma in Languages

“The option to study a language concurrently with my postgraduate professional degree was exactly what I was looking for.”

Norma Cooper, UTS Bachelor of Business Diploma in Languages studentNorma Cooper
Bachelor of Business Diploma in Languages

“Studying another language opens so many doors no matter what course you are studying. With business especially, it means I am able to work for a Japanese company or even work in Japan.”

Admission requirements

Students applying for Spring 2017 intake must have prior knowledge of the language they wish to study. Students with no prior knowledge can apply for Autumn 2018 intake.

More information

For more information, come to a UTS Open Day or contact the UTS Student Centre.