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18 November

Postgraduate info evening

Discover opportunities to enhance your professional qualifications, skills and knowledge through our postgraduate programs and secure your professional future.

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Undergraduate study  

Info Days and Live Q&A

Live Q&A - We'll be live on Facebook all day answering your ATAR questions (17 Dec).

HSC Results Day - Come and talk about your options the day after you get your ATAR results (18 Dec).

Info Day - Got last minute questions? We're here to help (5 Jan).

UTS IT focuses on practical learning and internships

IT at UTS is about practice-based, industry-engaged education, both in Australia and overseas. We're also world-class, with a growing reputation for our quality and impact-driven research.  

Two networking students working

There's more to Information Technology than learning classroom theory. Find out about the opportunities studying at UTS offers, whether it be on campus, at work, around Australia or across the globe.