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International opportunities

In today’s globalised world, an international experience can open doors to better career opportunities and give you an international perspective to your studies.

The personal, social and professional development you’ll gain while overseas will also help broaden your mind. 

Combine your engineering degree with international studies

By combining your professional degree with International Studies, you can learn the language and culture of your chosen country. You also live in that country for a year so you get to properly experience the culture and language that you have learnt.

Countries involved in this program are:

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Latino USA

Global Exchange

UTS has exchange agreements with more than 185 universities in over 39 countries, most of which have an agreement with us to teach engineering courses in English. You can complete a session or two abroad and receive credit towards your degree at UTS. As part of this program you continue to pay your tuition fee at UTS.

Find out more about Global Exchange and hear from returning UTS students.

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Study Abroad

The UTS Study Abroad program allows students enrolled at UTS to study at any recognised university or college worldwide. For Study Abroad the institution does not have to be a UTS partner. Study Abroad attracts a tuition fee based on the number of subject credit points you study at the other institution.

Find out more about Study Abroad.

Summer and winter school

Many of UTS’s partner universities offer ‘for credit’ short-term academic study programs during their summer or winter periods. These programs offer great opportunities for UTS students who may find it difficult to spend an entire session of their course overseas, or who may just want to explore an interesting elective option.

Find out more about the range of exciting summer and winter school options, as well as options to fund your exchange.


Develop your skills, broaden your horizons and build your leadership potential with Beyond UTS International Leadership Development (BUiLD). Opportunities include overseas travel to participate in global conferences, internships, community volunteer projects and short-term study programs. 

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Thinking of coming to UTS on exchange?

As a student coming to UTS from one of the exchange partner universities, you can study at UTS for one or two sessions and receive credit for your study towards your degree in your home university.

Find out more about Study Abroad and Exchange.