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Media Arts and Production

Take a 360-degree view of media production with a course that covers film, video, new media and sound.

Film making at UTS

Study hands on (build technical and conceptual skills) and hands off (explore media history, theory, as well as the issues facing the sector today) and evolve as a creative producer over the course of your degree. You’ll also have the chance to develop a professional portfolio of your creative media work — perfect for showcasing your expertise once you’re looking for work.


film editing

Why Media Arts and Production at UTS?

  • Take a bow
    Our staff, students and graduates are acclaimed within industry for their award winning success. You could be too.
  • Indulge your passions
    Build your skills in niche areas such as editing, cinematography, sound or new media, and develop a show reel that showcases your talent.
  • Get technical
    Access cutting-edge facilities, including purpose-built digital sound studios and editing suites, Avid and Final Cut Pro digital video editing suites, radio studio and a television studio/shooting stage. Take a visual tour of our facilities.
  • Work like a professional
    Our industry-standard equipment includes HD digital video cameras, sound recorders, portable lighting, an optical printer, Oxberry animation stands, and MacPro workstations running software such as After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash.
  • See your name up in lights
    All major film projects are screened in the UTS Great Hall at the end of each semester.
  • UTS Casting Hub
    Once you're studying with us, you'll be looking to cast actors in your film projects. Utilise the Star Now Casting Portal to view all the current call-outs in motion amongst UTS MAP students and alumni or post your own!

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Graduates work as directors, editors, film producers, cinematographers, sound designers, new media producers, production managers, scriptwriters, multimedia designers, radio producers, arts administrators and freelance media artists.

UTS Communication MAP

Student work

What the students say

Tyson Donnelly, UTS Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production)Tyson Donnelly
Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production)
Senior Compositor — Tyson Donnelly

“You don't quite realise it at the time but [UTS] is training you to think differently and approach things from a non-conventional angle.”

Thomas Grainger, UTS:Communication Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media Arts and Production) Bachelor of Arts in International StudiesThomas Grainger
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media Arts and Production) Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

This course has a long-standing reputation as the best of its kind throughout Australia, so I didn’t hesitate to put UTS as my first choice when it came to applying for university.

Genevieve Clay-Smith, Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media Arts and Production) studentGenevieve Clay-Smith
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Media Arts and Production)
Co-founder — Bus Stop Films

“You need to be constantly working on projects and you get this work by making connections and sustaining those connections.”

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