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Faiths represented

The following faiths are represented by the UTS Multi faith chaplaincy:

Joanna Thyer Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Coordinator.
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays.
Email: uts.chaplaincy@uts.edu.au
Phone: 9514 2523

Winniefred Chaves, Catholic Chaplain.
Email: winniefred.chaves@uts.edu.au
Mobile: 0412 652 175
Fr Thomas Azzi (Assistant Catholic Chaplain)
Email: thomas.azzi@op.org.au

Debra Kelly, Buddhist Chaplain
Email: debra.kelly-1@uts.edu.au
Mobile: 0403 071 204

Rev. Mike Paget, Anglican Chaplain
Email: mike.paget@barneys.org.au
Phone: 9211 3496
Mobile: 0431 547 944

Kirsten Davies, Assistant Anglican Chaplain
Email: Kirsten.davies@uts.edu.au
Mobile: 0412 720 240

David Gore, Uniting Church Chaplain
Email: davidgore@me.com
Mobile: 0412 820 023

Shmuel Markovits, Jewish Chaplain
Email: datos.pty.ltd@gmail.com

Barend Nieuwstraten, Adventist Chaplain
Email: BarendNieuwstraten@adventist.org.au

Salvation Army TBA

Mohamed Elshafei, Muslim Chaplain
Email: melshafei1@gmail.com
UTS Email: Mohamed.elshafei@uts.edu.au
Mobile: 0400 705 294.

Ashit-Mohan Maitra, Hindu Chaplain
Email: AshitMohan.Maitra@uts.edu.au
Mobile: 0405 657 257