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Need assistance preparing an assignment? Struggling with aspects of English grammar? UTS offers free assignment and exam advice and support to all students.


The Higher Education and Language Presentation Service (HELPS) provides:

UTS Library services

The Library Study skills resource page provides a summary of information, workshops and services offered to help you succeed during your time at University. There you will find:

  • an Assignment Survival Kit, complete with an interactive Calendar which helps you plan out the stages of your assignment and then sends timely text message reminders alerting you to the deadline for each component of your assignment,
  • referencing information, including the Harvard UTS Referencing Guide which can be used interactively online or printed off as a handy guide, and software to help you collect, store and organise your references,
  • tips and videos on how to manage your time and stress.

Above all, remember that there are many ways to contact the library for assistance:


Managing Exam & Assessment Anxiety

Do you want to minimise the negative impact that anxiety has on your study and exam performance? Check if this workshop is relevant to you.

During tests or exams, do you:

  • feel like you "go blank"?
  • make "silly" mistakes?
  • find yourself thinking "I can’t do this", "I’ll never pass" or "I’m stupid"?
  • feel dizzy or like the room is closing in on you?
  • feel your heart racing or find it difficult to breathe?
  • suddenly remember the answers when the exam is over?
  • get much lower marks than on assignments?

If you answered 'yes' to some of these questions, you may be experiencing exam anxiety. Student Services runs workshops in which you will learn more about your anxiety and how it affects your study and exam performance, learn skills to control your anxiety, and identify strategies to implement before the exams.

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Perform your best in assessments and exams Workshops!

Exam & Assessment Anxiety Workshop – Autumn Session 2017

Date: Thursday, 18/5/2017
Time: 18:00-19:30
Room: CB11.04.401  

Date: Tuesday, 23/05/2017
Time: 12:30-14:00
Room: CB11.04.401  

For any enquiries, please contact Jessica Gray.