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Assignment writing assistance

At the initial stage of your assignment writing or preparation process, you are strongly encouraged to come and see HELPS. The best time to see us is when you first receive your assignment.

HELPS Advisors can help edit your assignment WITH you, not FOR you - helping you to edit for:

  • Structure and argument – that your writing is logically organised with well-developed and well-supported arguments.
  • Style and expression – that your choice of vocabulary is appropriate, sentences are well constructed, ideas are clearly introduced, and paragraphs are fully developed.
  • Grammar – that your issues are identified and explained so you can learn from your mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

Proofreading is the final step in the editing process, with the aim of producing an error-free assignment. It is your responsibility to check for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, typing and formatting in your assignment before you submit it to your lecturer.

We offer 15-minute drop-in advice sessions and 40-minute one-to-one consultations by referral to help you with your assignment writing and preparation.

Drop-in advice

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At 15-minute drop-in advice sessions you can ask quick questions about your studies and assessments (except for any subject content matter) without having to make an appointment. 

A drop-in advice session may cover:

  • understanding an assignment question and the assessment criteria
  • clarifying an assignment type (e.g. what’s a literature review?)
  • planning an assignment
  • offering strategies for effective reading/note-making/presentation
  • obtaining information on self-study resources.

However, you can’t:

  • expect the HELPS Advisor to comment on all of your assessment in 15-minutes - it’s not humanly possible
  • seek assistance on the day the assignment is due - please plan in advance.

Please note:

Due to high demand, this service is limited to one session per day for one assignment. Students are allowed a maximum of two sessions if they have questions about two different assignments.

Drop-in advice timetable

2017 Spring session (from week 2 to week 12)

Not offered on Public Holidays.

  • HELPS office (CB01.05.25)

    Monday to Thursday: 12noon - 6pm / Friday: 12noon - 5pm  

  • UTS Blake Library (Research helpdesk) 

    Monday to Thursday: 4pm - 7pm  /  Saturday: 1pm - 4pm

  • Pop-up drop-ins: Bld 10 foyer 

    Monday to Thursday: 10am - 1pm 

  • Pop-up drop-ins: Bld 8 Level 4 (CB08.04.007)

    Tuesday to Thursday: 3pm - 6pm 

At the drop-in advice session we can, if you need it, book you in for a longer one-to-one consultation closer to the due date for when you have your draft ready.


NEW 2017 Winter (from 12 June to 25 June)

Not offered on Public Holidays.

  • HELPS office (CB01.05.25)

    Monday to Friday: 12noon - 5pm

  • Pop-up drop-ins: Bld 10 foyer 

    Monday to Friday: 10am - 1pm


2017 Winter (from 26 June to 23 July)

Not offered on Public Holidays.

  • HELPS office (CB01.05.25)

    Monday to Friday: 1pm - 4pm