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Academic support

Academic caution workshops

The sanction of Academic Caution requires that you spend the current session taking responsibility for improving your results so that you meet the minimum rate of progress (MRP) required for progression through your course.

Just one of your obligations while on Academic Caution is to attend the Back on Track program run by our Counselling Service. This is a program of different sessions organised across the session to assist you with your study skills.

The Back on Track program offers you the chance to develop skills and strategies to enhance your learning. The program enables you to better manage yourself as an independent learner and become a more active partner in the teaching-learning process.

The program does not aim to offer extra instruction in any of your subject areas.

The sessions in the Program aim to offer assistance in a number of key areas.

  • Personal organisation
  • Self-management
  • Emotional regulation
  • Planning
  • Self-reflection
  • Lifelong learning

These are generic skills that transfer to all areas of life. By developing them you can:

  • contribute to your academic success,
  • enhance personal satisfaction, and 
  • develop key employability skills that every university graduate is expected to have.

No effort to attend the Back on Track program will be wasted.

Please refer to the separate descriptions of each session. The focus of each session is outlined, and how each session relates to different key graduate attributes is explained.

Don't attend just because it's compulsory! Choose to attend the Back on Track program because you're interested in developing yourself, and want to improve your results thissessionCheck the session schedule and book your academic workshops online.

Your obligations and how to meet them

Student related rules

University Rule 10.7.4

If you wish to continue studying this session, there are certain obligations you must meet. Records are kept to verify that you have met your obligations. Please view University Rule 10.7.4.

Your obligations relate to your

  1. STUDY PLAN: You must seek advice about your Study Plan from an Academic Adviser.
  2. LEARNING: You must attend the Back on Track programorganised by the Student Services Unit.
  3. LANGUAGE: If directed to do so by your Academic Adviser, you must attend a designated course run by the HELPS, the university academic language and learning unit.

Follow these 6 steps if you are confused about what you need to do. Start immediately. All steps must be completed by end of Week 4 of the session.

1. As soon as possible you must decide whether you wish to:

  • continue studying this session and meet your academic caution obligations, or
  • apply for Leave of Absence (before the Census Date). Follow the link to see if you are eligible. Email your Academic Adviser of your decision. You will need to fulfil your academic caution obligations during the session when you return to study, or
  • discuss with a UTS counsellor the possibility of withdrawing from your course. Follow the link to check that you understand what this means and make an appointment with a counsellor. Email your Academic Adviser of your decision after speaking with a counsellor.

2. Before meeting with your Academic Adviser:

  • assess the main factors that contributed to your unsatisfactory academic performance last session. To assist you do this, complete the online Reflection Exercise. Your personalised plan will be emailed to you. You can save your personalised plan for later use and printing.
  • complete the Student Personal Statement by referring to the Reflection Exercise print out. You need to write this statement on the form Record of Academic Advice that was enclosed with your Notice of Academic Caution. If you did not receive this form, please collect one from your Student Centre. On the reverse side of this form you are required to indicate what you intend to do to improve your results. The meeting (see Step 4.) will be an opportunity to resource advice from your Academic Adviser about other appropriate support strategies.

3. You'll also need to:

  • establish who your Academic Adviser is and arrange a meeting.
  • decide which Workshops of the Back on Track Program best suits your needs. The program descriptions, venues and timetable of sessions are provided.. The program starts in Week 1 and will be finished by end of Week 3. Bring your student card as your attendance at the sessions is recorded. A student’s attendance at Back on track workshops is recorded and considered as part of exclusion appeals.

4. Meeting your Academic Adviser

In the meeting, you will discuss:

  • your completed Record of Academic Advice form.
  • your Study Plan.
    • If you are directed to reduce your load, you need to withdraw from a subject (on or before Census Date).
    • If you are continuing with your course, but are spending this session on industry placement or doing an internship, please inform your Academic Adviser. During the session when you return to study on campus, you will be expected to fulfil your academic caution sanction obligations.
  • your English language proficiency. If directed to so, you must register for an Academic Caution course run by the HELPS .

You must have your Record of Academic Advice form signed by your Academic Adviser. The workshop program will be finished by the end of Week 3 of the session. For details of your booking, refer to the confirmation email you receive after you have registered for the series of your choice.

5. Attend the compulsory Part 1 and Part 2 workshops of the Back on Track Program

  • The workshop program will be finished by the end of Week 3 of the session.
  • For details of your booking, refer to the confirmation email you receive after you have registered for the series of your choice.

6. Before the deadline stated on your letter.

You must submit the Record of Academic Advice form to your Student Centre on or before the deadline stated on your letter.