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Enrolment changes

If you need to change your enrolment, for any reason, please ensure that you understand the consequences of varying your enrolment first. The census date is a very important factor in enrolment changes. To avoid financial liability and academic penalty, enrolment changes must be completed by the census date of the related teaching period.

Variation of subject enrolment 

After your initial subject enrolment each calendar year, it is possible to add or withdraw from subjects.You can vary your subject enrolment in My Student Admin.

Adding subjects is permissible up until the Monday of the second week of Autumn or Spring session (based on availability of subject placement). In the event that the Monday falls on a public holiday, the last day to add a subject will be the Tuesday.

Subject withdrawal, without academic and financial penalty, is permissible up until the census date for the teaching period.

Students who withdraw from a subject after the census date of  the teaching period will have that subject recorded as withdrawn fail or fail on their academic transcript, and may still be financially liable for the associated tuition fees.  

After the census date, you should first talk to the UTS Student Centre if you find;

  • your subject(s) enrolment is not correct, or

  • you wish or need to discontinue your study (either completely, or for a semester or two).

Information on subject variation and withdrawal can be found in our Subject enrolment page

Changing your study plan 

If you need to change the structure of your study plan, you should seek advice of your faculty. To request a change your study plan, you are required to submit an eRequest.

Students requesting enrolment into another Faculty's subjects as electives

It may be possible for you to study a subject offered by a faculty other than your home faculty as a cross faculty elective.

If you wish to enrol in a cross faculty elective you should first check the requirements of the faculty offering the elective subject. If you believe you meet the requirements of the faculty offering the subject submit an eRequest.

You can find more information about Important dates for Autumn and Spring enrolment.

Subject withdrawal after the census date

If you need to withdraw from a subject after the census date due to special circumstances there are two options available. You can apply for 

  • withdrawal without academic or financial penalty, or 
  • withdrawal without academic penalty.

If you cannot demonstrate special circumstances, then any withdrawal after the census date will incur academic and financial penalty, that is, the subject will be recorded as a withdrawn fail and you will be financially liable for the associated tuition fees.

Note: If you are an international student on a student visa, there are limited circumstances where you can reduce your study load.

Withdrawal without academic or financial penalty

To withdraw, submit an eRequest together with a personal statement outlining your situation. You will be required to supply independent documentation to support your claims.

Once you have been withdrawn from the subject, if you believe special circumstances apply, you can then submit an Application for Remission of HELP Debt or Refund of Upfront Payment AND Application for No Academic Penalty – Due to Special Circumstances (PDF, 356kB).

For your application to be successful you must prove that special circumstances which are considered to be unusual or uncommon existed, and were not able to be foreseen prior to the census date.

You must also be able to demonstrate that the special circumstances that apply were:

  • beyond your control;
  • did not occur or make their full impact on you until on or after the census date; and
  • made it impracticable for you to successfully complete the requirements of the subject(s).

Withdrawal without academic penalty 

If the special circumstances above do not apply to you, but you still believe you have a genuine case where your ability to continue studying was affected by circumstances beyond your control, you may apply for withdrawal with no academic penalty ONLY. Submit an eRequest together with a personal statement outlining your situation. You must supply independent documentation to support your claims.

Withdrawal with academic and financial liability 

If you do not qualify for refund and remission of your fees and no academic penalty, or late withdrawal with no academic penalty, you will be withdrawn from your subject and the financial liability will remain. Your academic transcript will record a grade of withdrawn fail or fail.