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Important dates

Census date

A census date is set by UTS for each session in accordance with Commonwealth legislation (HESA 2003).  Every subject has its own census date based on the session in which it is taught.

The census date is the date on which the following important things happen:


Census dates for 2016

December session2 December 2016
Summer session21 December 2016


Census dates for 2017

Main sessions

Autumn session10 April 2017
Calendar B Autumn session10 April 2017
Spring session25 August 2017
Calendar B Spring session25 August 2017
Summer session20 December 2017


Short sessions

February session3 February 2017
March session27 March 2017
May session12 May 2017
July session12 July 2017
August session25 August 2017
October session13 October 2017
December sessionDecember 2017


Offshore sessions

January to March session6 January 2017
March to May session27 March 2017
May to July session12 May 2017
July to September session12 July 2017
August to October session1 September 2017
October to December session13 October 2017
December to February session1 December 2017


Research degree enrolment periods

Autumn session Thesis census date12 May 2017
Spring session Thesis census date13 October 2017