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How to enrol

If this is the first time that you are enrolling at UTS, please visit our commencing students page.

As a UTS student you can manage your course and subject enrolment using My Student Admin

Before you enrol 

  1. Be aware of important dates relating to your enrolment.
  2. Refer to the online handbook, and search for the year that you started your course to see your course completion requirements.
  3. Check the UTS Timetable Planner to view UTS subject availabilities. 

To complete a subject at UTS, you must be formally enrolled in that subject. 

Remember:  It is possible to change the details of your subject enrolment before the teaching session starts, so you should enrol in the full calendar year of subjects even if you're not sure about your schedule. If your circumstances change, you can withdraw from subjects up until the census date

Enrolling in subjects

To enrol in subjects:

  1. Log-in to My Student Admin using your student ID number and email password. The Enrolment guide (PDF, 1.2MB) will help you with the enrolment process.
  2. Make sure your contact and personal details are up to date in My Student Admin. You should make sure these details, as well as your enrolment details are up to date on an ongoing basis.
  3. Read and agree to the Student Declaration on My Student Admin.
  4. Enrol in your subjects following your recommended sequence in the UTS Handbook.
  5. Select your class timetable using My Timetable (previously known as My Subject Activities). Get more information about how to use My Timetable.

Once you have completed your enrolment, you can request enrolment confirmation via email from My Student Admin. If you require formal confirmation of your current enrolment you can request a statement of enrolment.

If you need to change your enrolment for any reason, please ensure that you understand the consequences of varying your enrolment

Issues with enrolling

Sometimes you may be prevented from enrolling on My Student Admin or have other enrolment issues. Take a look at the Student Questions below for some common issues and ways to resolve them. 

To discover more about your options with enrolment issues, take a look at this self-help guide.

Student questions

Q1. Which subjects should I enrol into?

A: Please go the UTS Handbook to view the program for your course. 

Q2. Why can’t I access My Student Admin?

  • I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it? - Reset you password via a self-service Password Reset facility.
  • Sanction has been placed against my academic record. What should I do? - Find more information about your sanction online.
  • When does the enrolment system for my course open? - Check your opening date on the re-enrolment schedule.

Q3. What if the subject I want to enrol in or class I want to select is full?

A: You are not permitted to enrol in a full subject or select a full class. The University has a Work Health and Safety responsibility that not allow more than the specified number of students into a class. Students can continue to make changes to their enrolment and timetable until the last day to enrol in (add) subjects

The subject you want to enrol in is full: 

The activity/class I want to select is full: 

  • BUT other activities are available - Select different activity via My Timetable
  • AND it’s a first year core subject - As classes fill up, new classes are progressively released, check availability via My Timetable
  • AND NO other activities are available - Submit an e-Request

Q4. What if I have a class timetable clash?

A: Please check the UTS Handbook to ensure you are enrolled into the correct subjects in the right sequence. If you are completing your course out of sequence for any reason (e.g. if you have Credit Recognition) you may need to choose another subject that does not clash. Visit the UTS Handbook for your course program and subject choices.

If you are still unable to enrol through My Student Admin or allocate through My Timetable please send an eRequest.

Q5. What if a subject has no available classes?

A: This could be due to a number of things:

  • distance subjects or placement subjects with the activity code ‘CRN – Class not required’ do not use class registration 
  • U:PASS session with an activity code UPS do not have mandatory classes to attend
  • some classes or activities are registered manually after session starts, the description of  the activity in My Timetable will provide a detailed explanation. 

Refer to Help with timetable terms site and My Timetable help guide for more information.

Q6. How can I get subject prerequisites waived?

A: You must complete all required pre-requisites, so that you have the knowledge and skills needed to meet the academic demands of the subject. You will be prevented from enrolling in a subject if you have not completed the required pre-requisites.

Q7. Can I enrol in more subjects per session?

A: Full-time and international students typically undertake 24 credit points  a session. Part-time students have a reduced session load. You will not be normally permitted to take more than 30 credit points a session. Individual faculty conditions will apply, but there is no lower limit apart from those dictated by the maximum time and leave of absence rules.

Q8. How can I change my study plan structure?

A: Some UTS courses are more flexible and allow you to specialise in different areas of study (majors and/or sub-majors). When choosing your major or sub-major consider carefully your options before you save. To request a change of your study plan, you are required to submit an e-Request.

Note: If you are enrolled in the Bachelor of International Studies, you will select your major only in your first year of study.

Q9. How can I enrol in a language subject?

A: To undertake a language subject you are required to submit an e-Request and complete the 'Language subject details' section of the e-Request to ensure that you are placed at an appropriate class level. 
If you require an assessment, you will need to attend a language session.

Q10. How can I search for a subject to add on to my elective choice block?

A: If your course allows for free electives you may choose any subject at the same level offered by UTS. This will require you to choose an undergraduate subject if you study bachelor’s degree or to   choose a postgraduate subject if you are enrolled into master’s degree. 

You can search the UTS Handbook and UTS Timetable Planner for subject options.

Q11. How can I enrol in a subject offered by another Faculty as an elective?

A: If you wish to enrol in a subject offered by another Faculty as an elective, you can apply via e-Request. Please check cross Faculty enrolment dates.

Q12. Can I change the subjects I am enrolled in if I change my mind?

A: You can make changes to your subject enrolment before the teaching session starts. If you need to withdraw from a subject, make sure you do this before the census date to ensure you do not incur any academic or financial penalty.

For more information on making formal changes to your enrolment including internal course transfer, applying for a leave of absence, and course withdrawal, please see the enrolment changes page. 

Q13. Do I need to attend classes in Week 1?

A: Some of the week one activities may require you to attend campus, while others can be completed online. To ensure you’re completing the week one activities, you need to login to UTS Online and read your subject outline, which will detail your week one activities. 

Q14. Do I have to enrol in subjects in the Summer session?

A: It is not compulsory to enrol for subjects in the Summer session. You can visit the Summer Enrolment page for more information.  

If you have any further questions please contact your Student Centre.

For more information on rules surrounding enrolment procedures, please refer to the UTS Student Rules.