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Fees and payment

Grandparenting of fees

Tuition fee increases are necessary as the University’s costs increase each year. Students should expect that their tuition fees will increase each year.

However, to provide continuing students with some certainty about their total course cost, from 2016, UTS grandparents tuition fees for continuing fee paying postgraduate domestic and continuing international students.

Grandparenting ensures that while you remain enrolled in the same course, your tuition fees will increase by no more than 5% each year, for 3 years*, post first year of enrolment (i.e. total 4 years).

Students who commence at UTS will be charged the standard fee applicable for that year.  As you continue through your course your fees will be grandparented, with the 5% increase cap applied for the subsequent 3 years.

If you remain enrolled in the same course beyond this, you will move to that year’s standard fee level.

*Please note:

  • For any course comprising 144 credit points or more (including all time-based Higher Degree by Research courses), grandparenting will apply for 5 years, post first year of enrolment (i.e. total 6 years).
  • Grandparenting does not currently apply to students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place.

Eligibility for grandparenting of fees

Continuing students will remain eligible for grandparenting of their tuition fees while they remain admitted to the same course, for the relevant time period listed above. 

Cohort Year - All students will be assigned a ‘Cohort Year' equal to their year of commencement.  Your Cohort Year will usually remain unchanged for the duration of your course, however if you change or transfer to a new course this may affect your Cohort Year. Please see 'Changing Courses' below.  

You can view your Cohort Year by generating any of these reports from myStudent Admine-Invoice, online Academic Record, online Enrolment Details and online Student Plan Advice.

Students that commenced study in 2015 or earlier, and remain enrolled in the same course in 2016, are eligible for grandparenting for the subsequent 3 years.

The period of grandparenting will not be extended for an individual student for any reason, including for:

  • studying part-time or with an otherwise reduced study load
  • an approved leave of absence
  • where they are required to repeat a subject due to failure or non-completion.

Note: International students on a student visa should maintain a full-time study load, and are only permitted to reduce their study load in limited circumstances.

Changing Courses

Internal Course Transfer

Students that change course via an Internal Course Transfer will be required to pay the set fees for the new course, but will maintain their grandparenting in that course.  i.e. their Cohort Year and original period of grandparenting will transfer with them to the new course.


Maria commences a Master of Engineering in 2015 (Cohort Year = 2015)

  • In 2016 she transfers to a Master of Business. 
  • In 2016 she will be charged the fee for Master of Business (Cohort Year = 2015), rather than the fee charged to a 2016 commencing student, i.e. Master of Business (Cohort Year = 2016).

Note: Students that transfer to a new course, where that course has not previously been offered, will be required to pay fees for the new course at that current year’s rate.

Exception: Where a student transfers to a new course that is considered to be a direct replacement of an existing course, grandparenting may apply.  For more information please contact the UTS Fees team via Ask UTS.

Commencing a New Course

Students that complete a course and then apply for another UTS course (including articulating from a Graduate Certificate to/from Graduate Diploma to/from Masters) will not continue to be grandparented in the subsequent course, and will be liable for fees for the new course at the current year’s rate.  You will be assigned a new Cohort Year equivalent to the year you commence the new course. 

Withdrawing from a Course

If a student withdraws from their course all existing grandparenting arrangements will cease, and will not be re-instated upon return to study - you will be assigned a new Cohort Year equivalent to the year you recommence study at UTS.  This also applies where a student's enrolment is cancelled due to an absence without leave; non-payment of fees; or course exclusion.