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Fees and payment

Understanding fees

All students at UTS pay tuition fees to contribute towards the costs of their studies. The exact amount of tuition fees that you will pay depends on:

For each teaching period, your enrolment is finalised on the census date and you become financially liable for the tuition fees for those subjects in which you are enrolled.

The Tuition Fees search links will assist you to work out the tuition fees you are required to pay.

In addition to tuition fees you are also required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee

It is your responsibility to ensure that your fees, charges, debts and any other specified amounts due are paid in full by the due date. If you do not pay on time, a late fee will be charged and your enrolment may be cancelled.

Student and related rules:

Section 4 - Fees, Charges and Other Financial Obligations

Annual tuition fee increases

When working out the complete cost of obtaining your degree, you should factor in annual tuition fee increases.

The maximum tuition fees (student contribution amounts) that can be charged to a student in a Commonwealth supported place are set annually by the Commonwealth government. You can find a record of CSP rates set over the last few years on the Department of Education and Training website.

Fees for students studying in fee paying places (both Domestic postgraduate and International) are set by UTS and reviewed annually.  From 2016, fee paying students are advised that while they remain enrolled in the same course, their fee rates will be grandparented and increase by no more than 5% each year, for three years, post first year of enrolment.  For any course comprising 144 credit points or more (including all time-based Higher Degree by Research courses), grandparenting will apply for 5 years, post first year of enrolment (i.e. total 6 years).

Tuition fee increases are necessary because the University's costs increase each year.  UTS is committed to maintaining the quality of its programmes and providing the highest level of support and assistance to students.

Tuition fees are set at a rate that will ensure a high standard of teaching and enhance the student experience, while keeping the costs as affordable as possible.

For more information on changes to fees, please see the Changes to Fees page.

Alumni advantage

From 1 January  2017, UTS Alumni will be eligible for the new Alumni Advantage, which provides a 10% saving on full fee paying degree programs. Visit the Alumni advantage program webpage for more info on your eligibility.

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