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A micropscope in a UTS: Science laboratory

Teaching and learning facilities

UTS: Science is located on UTS City Campus in the heart of Sydney. It is only a five minute walk from Central Station – Sydney’s major train and bus station. It is also within Sydney’s Central Business District which supports our strong relationships with local industry and professions.

UTS has invested over $110 million to its science facilities, making it one of the best in Australia. Students gain access to specialised advanced laboratories containing state-of-the art equipment and instruments used in research, industry and commercially, for example in chemical or diagnostic analysis or biological imaging.

By providing access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, our students and researchers not only gain essential experience in using such equipment, but they are provided with the facilities needed to produce credible research.

In February 2015 another key piece of our facilities, the Vicki Sara Building (Science and Graduate School of Health Building - Building 7) opened its door to its first cohort of students. Built as a 5 Star Green Star building, it provides a range of purpose-built spaces for collaborative learning and research.

We hire these facilities during off-peak teaching season for a fee. Please contact Science Marketing for more information.

Science Super Lab

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Our Science Super Lab is one of only two in Australia. It has been modelled on the Super Lab at London Metropolitan University (opens an external site). The design has been adapted to meet the specific requirements of the Faculty of Science.

The design of the Super Lab aims to facilitate the ‘buzz’ of a multidisciplinary environment while ensuring students feel part of an intimate class group.

Science super lab

The lab consists of 25 ‘standardised’ workbenches, each sitting eight students. Each student has a monitor in front of them which will show a combination of information from the demonstrator station as well student’s own data input from their bench computer. There is also around 60 breakout spaces, some equipped with smart boards, for group discussions and student presentations.

For more information about the Super Lab, visit City Campus Master Plan.

Crime Scene Simulation Lab

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Forensic Science students at UTS Science have access to a unique Crime Scene Simulation Lab. Set up like a city apartment, the lab provides students with practical experience in crime scene investigations.

Vicki Sara Building (Science and Graduate School of Health Building - Building 7)

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The Vicki Sara Building (Science and Graduate School of Health Building - Building 7) offers research, teaching, learning, and social spaces for the faculty, as well as general teaching spaces and public areas for the general UTS community.

Overlooking Alumni Green, the new building is connected to the adjacent UTS: Science Building, while also providing pedestrian connections to Thomas Street.

The building's design is inspired by the organic forms of a tree grove. 

Teaching laboratories

We have fifteen teaching laboratories dedicated to teaching and learning. Each laboratory is fitted with modern scientific and analytical instrumentations, electronic lecterns and computers. Modern computer labs with 24/7 access, advanced computing facilities with the latest mathematical and statistical software are also available to assist with student work and learning.

We also have off-campus learning sites such as the Stroud Field Station, located near Newcastle. This provides access to forests, rivers, bugs and animals which is essential to our environment related courses. Stroud is equipped with twelve artificial stream systems used for stream ecology and ecotoxicology research.

Mathematics and computing facilities

Students studying mathematics and statistics are supported with current mathematical and statistical software, modern computer labs with 24/7 access, e-learning support, regional and national advanced computing facilities, and peer-mentoring.

Our mathematicians and statisticians work together with businesses to provide advice and solutions. It is also one of the founders, and equity holder of ac3, a private company that manages IT infrastructure and also looks after supercomputers that are jointly owned by NSW Universities. Students will gain access to these machines which are essential to research, providing you with world class facilities.

Chinese Medicine Clinic

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We are only a handful of English language universities in the world to offer comprehensive professional education and research in Chinese Medicine.

Our on-campus Chinese Medicine outpatient clinic is run by students supervised by practising CM practitioners. It is open to the public, which enables students to practice treatments in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese medicine remedial massage, and the management of an outpatient clinic.

Research facilities

UTS Science Surgical and Anatomical Facility

Science and technology is taking the world by storm, and proving itself in industry where materials and discovery are made to help technology make huge leaps such as using corals for future artificial bone. Research plays a vital role, therefore at UTS: Science we invest in our research facilities.