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Lighting Design

The Lighting studio provides a solid understanding of the physics and human factors of lighting, through extensive hands-on experiences and studies of wider contextual considerations that relate to lighting design.

This studio is structured to give students the opportunity to cultivate and share knowledge through research, experimentation, collaboration and communication; to shape and continually improve the future of the lighting design profession, through challenging the traditional use of lighting in the built environment.

Subjects covered throughout the three semesters include: the change of light in nature, time-dependent dynamics and control, observation and analysis of lighting and behavioural patterns and interdependencies in the built environment, perceptual psychology, visual attributes & modes of appearance. Students are expected to have basic CAD and 3DCAD program knowledge.

By providing students with a wider appreciation of real-life project considerations (including sustainability), this major advances students’ skills to manage multi-faceted considerations needed in lighting design.