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The ACIJ is engaged in the production of journalism, research into journalistic practice and professional development activities for journalists and journalism students. We concentrate on the production of investigative journalism, defined as broadly as possible, that involves comprehensive research, deals with subjects that are in the public interest, that is accurate and independent of vested interest.

The Centre works with reporters and associates who are interested in producing journalism that reveals the complex, multi-faceted nature of Australian society, and its position as a Pacific Rim nation, in an independent and critical fashion. From time to time we invite esteemed journalists to take up research positions or other attachments to the Centre. We also provide opportunities for Australian and international journalists and journalism students to become affiliates, and support professional development activities that enrich the expertise of Australian journalists.

The ACIJ also undertakes research into journalistic practice. We believe strongly that our work as journalists should be informed by critical reflection on our practice. We also have a strong commitment to practice-based research, and to the recognition of non-traditional forms of research as embodied in the ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia) framework.

Our research program is broad-ranging, and encourages and explores the application of the methodologies, skills and techniques of the arts, humanities and social sciences to journalism and the work of journalists. This accumulating body of research will help to foster the production of journalism of the highest standard, and inform the teaching of journalism. Through publications, conferences and seminars it will provide new opportunities for journalists, academics and students, those involved in public life and the public to reflect on the role and nature of the work of journalists and the media, and its impact on the community.

In order to facilitate the production of academic research into journalistic practice, the Centre will apply for funding from appropriate granting bodies. It also answers calls to tender for research projects commissioned by government agencies, private companies, or NGOs, but only where those research projects do not conflict with the Centre's mission.