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High school students

Year 12 bonus scheme

If you are going to apply as a current school leaver, you may be eligible for the UTS year 12 bonus scheme.

The year 12 bonus scheme awards bonus points to students based on their performance in selected high school subjects that are relevant to the course they have applied for.

UTS has put together the year 12 bonus scheme because we believe that your ability to undertake the course you choose can be better measured by looking at a combination of the subjects you have taken and your overall ATAR, rather than looking only at your ATAR. This is because your ATAR tells us where you sit compared to other people but doesn't take into account your ability in subjects relevant to the course you select.

Who is eligible?

Under the Year 12 Bonus Scheme you are eligible to receive bonus points as long as you have:

  • applied for a UTS course that awards bonus points
  • a minimum ATAR of 69 (or interstate equivalent)
  • completed the relevant HSC subjects

UAC provides details of which NSW HSC subjects are comparable to interstate HSC subjects (opens an external site).

UAC also provide details of which NSW HSC subjects are comparable to the International Baccalaureate (IB) (opens an external site).

How to apply

You do not need to apply separately for year 12 bonus scheme points.

If you've put a UTS course that awards bonus points as one of the preferences on your UAC application, after your ATAR results are released, we will automatically apply bonus points to that course in your application.

Awarding bonus points

The maximum number of bonus points you can be awarded for each UTS course you have down on your UAC application is 5. Go to the bonus points table to see which HSC subjects will give you bonus points for which UTS courses.