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High school students

Find the right course

Unsure of which course is right for you? There are a few things that you can do to help narrow down which UTS course will best suit you.

You can start off by browsing UTS study areas, taking a look at our undergraduate course guides or checking out structures and subjects taught in our degrees in the UTS: Handbook

Remember, you only need to choose what to do next. It’s likely that your career path and the kinds of jobs available to you will change in the future, so choosing one type of degree won’t be a limitation.

Choosing what to do

You'll probably have some idea already of what you're good at and what you enjoy. If you’re finding it hard to choose what to do at uni you can do some of the following to help you make a decision:

  • Think about the subjects you enjoy most and the ones that you perform well in at school. These are usually a good indication of the degrees and course areas that you might enjoy at uni and careers you might like to get into later on.

  • Talk to your parents, friends, school careers advisor, teachers, and uni students and staff at careers markets and school visits about options that may be suited to your interests.

  • Look at job lists and the Job Guide to get an idea of what types of work match your interests and strengths. Do the jobs you're interested in need a degree?

  • Look at the UAC Guide, uni websites or course guides to see what course are available at different universities that match the jobs you've identified. At UTS, you can start this by searching our course areas.

  • Consider doing a combined degree to give you more options.

  • Find people who have studied the courses you’re interested in or in the careers you think you might like to enter. Ask them lots of questions to get a feel for if you would enjoy a similar degree and career path.

Other options

If you still can’t decide or have a long list of courses covering vastly different subject areas, it may also be useful to look at a university course based on what industry you would like to work in and what jobs are available (opens an external site) for you. 

By researching available graduate careers (opens an external site), you may be able to shortlist universities and specific courses which will give you the best chance to get to your short, medium and long-term career goals.

You can also visit the Make Your Mark (opens an external site) website to discover how to find your direction and live the life you want with the help of further education.