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Educational access schemes

UTS sees the diversity of its student community as a positive feature of university life. We provide educational access schemes (EAS) to ensure that people from the widest range of backgrounds have an opportunity to access our courses.

Taking into account a range of educational disadvantages that may have impacted on your most recent academic performance, the following schemes assist you to gain entry to UTS courses:

  • inpUTS is for recent school leavers and students with post-secondary qualifications

  • Refugee access is for applicants who have had a refugee experience or people seeking asylum in Australia

  • Jumbunna Pathways is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants

  • Schools Recommendation Scheme is equity-focused and makes offers to Year 12 students needing an ATAR concession of 10 points or more.

UTS offers tailored support services for educational access scheme students in addition to the wide range of support services to all UTS student.