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Brennan Justice and Leadership Program

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The Brennan Justice and Leadership Program (Brennan Program) was introduced in 2011 as a joint initiative of the UTS Faculty of Law and the UTS Law Students’ Society. It is named after Sir Gerard Brennan AC KBE, former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia and UTS Chancellor (1999-2005). Sir Gerard’s life and career exemplify the qualities of professional leadership, service and excellence that the Program seeks to nurture.

With over 1,600 active members, the Brennan Program demonstrates the interest of UTS:Law students in social justice and their desire to go beyond the academic curriculum. For our law students, it is an invaluable opportunity to develop intellectual, volunteer and leadership capacities.

The Brennan Program consists of two components:

  • Reflections on Justice
  • Leadership through Service

To complete the program and qualify for the Brennan Justice and Leadership Award, student participants must accrue 100 Reflection on Justice points and Leadership Through Service hours according to the pro-rata allocation available in the Brennan Program Handbook.

Reflections on Justice

The Reflections on Justice component is designed to stimulate an intellectual engagement with the idea of justice to continue across your studies of law and beyond, and generate a group conversation about justice among students.

To fulfill the requirements of this component, you may attend both internal UTS and external lectures on justice and join discussion groups to reflect on the idea of justice. Lectures and discussion groups are assigned points; most lectures are worth five points each unless otherwise stated; and documented; participation in five discussion group meetings is worth 20 points.

Leadership through Service

Here you may undertake voluntary roles with a service and leadership element. Volunteering may be done in either legal or non-legal contexts.

Examples of how Brennan students are making a difference through their volunteer work include: