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Academic English Program

Academic English is a specific style of English used at university. You’ll hear it in lectures and tutorials, and you’ll also be expected to use it when you write your assessments and give oral presentations.

The Academic English Program has been designed to help you take your language skills to the next level. Even if you’re a confident English speaker, having a good grasp of academic English will help you succeed in your course.

Once you’ve started your UTS degree, undergraduate or postgraduate coursework, you can add Academic English: Communication Fundamentals (8cps or 6cps) as an elective subject.

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Subject information

With Academic English: Communication Fundamentals, you’ll develop the ability to:

  • apply commonly accepted principles of academic communication
  • use structured processes in academic writing
  • write clear, concise and grammatically correct academic texts
  • speak effectively in a range of academic contexts, such as in-class activities and oral presentations.

If you’re an undergraduate or postgraduate international student at UTS and you’re encouraged by your tutor to undertake the program, you must submit an e-request and attach evidence of academic advice to undertake the subject.

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