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Links with the profession

UTS has long been a preferred partner for industry, valuing collaborative work based on innovation, creativity and technology. UTS: Orthoptics supports this by being responsive to the profession through the initiatives and partnerships below, focussing on career-relevant degrees and preparing graduates and researchers who can foster innovation and ensure a bright future for the rapidly evolving profession.

Orthoptics Australia

The Master of Orthoptics has been developed in collaboration with key partners from Orthoptics AustraliaPresident of Orthoptics Australia Meri Vukicevic has welcomed ongoing engagement with UTS. UTS students will be encouraged to become student members of the association. This will allow them access to networking and other professional development opportunities. 

Practitioner teachers

The Master of Orthoptics engages practitioner teachers from hospital, private and rehabilitation settings to ensure that students receive not only a strong academic foundation but up to date industry knowledge. 

NSW Parliament

On 19 June, 2014, the NSW Parliament approved a motion by the member for Macquarie Fields that the House:
  1. Notes the vital role that orthoptists play in providing efficient and effective health care.
  2. Commends the University of Technology Sydney on its decision to create a Master of Orthoptics course which will train at least 30 orthoptists each year.
  3. Notes that no other university in New South Wales will now offer a qualification in orthoptics despite the growing need for orthoptists.
  4. Calls on the Minister for Health to ensure adequate clinical placements are provided for these students

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Opthalmologists

UTS is also supported by RANZCO, a long-time ally of the orthoptics profession. In a statement to the media, Dr Stephen Best, President of RANZCO said “As an ophthalmologist I have a strong working relationship with orthoptists, they play a crucial role in eye healthcare delivery – especially with children and in busy public hospital eye clinics where resources are limited and patients are many. We are very pleased to learn that UTS see the strong future orthoptists have in the workforce, and we look forward to working with their graduates in the years to come.”