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Credit recognition

What you need to know

This page provides information specific to credit recognition towards UTS Engineering courses and is designed to be read in conjunction with the University's credit recognition page.

Please note the following important points:

  1. Subjects completed over ten years prior to your first session of study in a UTS Engineering course will not be considered for credit recognition.
  2. The following deadlines apply for the submission of applications for credit recognition:
    • Domestic applicants: applications must be submitted at the time of receiving an offer of admission to a UTS: Engineering course and prior to formal enrolment.
    • International applicants: where possible, applications should be submitted at the time of applying to UTS, but no later than the time of formal enrolment in a UTS: Engineering course.



Relevant prior study at one of the following institutions may be recognised for credit:

Another university

If you have completed or partially completed a relevant course at another university, you may be eligible for credit recognition. This may exempt you from certain specific subjects or reduce the number of elective subjects you need to complete. The Faculty assesses such applications for credit recognition on a case-by-case basis.


If you have completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in an engineering sub-discipline, you may be eligible for credit recognition. Between one and two semesters of advanced standing may be awarded depending on your TAFE NSW grade point average.


If you have successfully completed the Diploma of Engineering, you may be eligible to receive up to 48 credit points (one full-time year) of credit recognition, depending on your academic performance in the Diploma and the UTS:Engineering major selected. Consult the credit recognition tool for details on the specific credit granted for each major.


Postgraduate coursework

Credit recognition from undergraduate study

Subjects undertaken as part of an undergraduate degree, irrespective of the level of study, will not be considered for credit recognition with the following exceptions:

CourseEligibility requirementmaximum credit granted

C04271 ME

C04277 ME (Ext)

C04278 ME (Adv)

UTS-recognised bachelor's degree in engineering (minimum 4 years FTE*)24 credit points
C04275 MEM

UTS-recognised bachelor's degree

(minimum 3 years FTE*)

24 credit points
C04272 MEEM

UTS-recognised bachelor's degree

(minimum 4 years FTE*)

24 credit points

*FTE: full-time equivalent

Credit recognition from postgraduate study

You may be eligible for credit recognition if you have undertaken relevant postgraduate-level study at another recognised university. The Faculty assesses such applications on a case-by-case basis.

Credit recognition from work experience

Unfortunately, credit recognition is not granted on the basis of work experience or professional association/in-house industry courses.


More information

Further information, including application procedures, can be found on the University's credit recognition page.