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Welcome to the School of Communication

Not all communication degrees are created equal. In the UTS School of Communication, we’re ahead of the curve.

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We were one of the first schools of communication in Australia, so we’ve got the wisdom of experience behind us — more than 30 years of teaching expertise, led by the best in the field. But we’re also young. Vibrant, dynamic. We’re shaped by the youth, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit that have come to define UTS.

As a result, we’re well placed to deliver communication courses and research programs across traditional, contemporary and creative fields. We offer undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research courses in the following disciplines:

More than just a classroom experience

Digital disruption, the rise of new media — these are the forces shaping the communication landscape today. So we’ve embraced them. Made them part of what we do, of how we teach, of what we research. As a student in our School, they’ll become part of your course too.

We take a hands-on approach to communication education – there’s no point learning the theory if you don’t understand how to apply it. Real-world assessments, professional placements and regular interaction with industry will teach you to translate theory to practice, with stunning results.

And we’ll encourage you to think big — to consider the world beyond UTS. We’ll open doors to international subjects, placements and programs across the planet as part of your UTS course. You’ll learn to look at the world, and your place in it — your work, who you are, how you can create change — from a different perspective.

Purpose-built facilities

At UTS, we instill work-readiness in our graduates. In the School of Communication, part of being work ready is learning the tools of your trade. You’ll study in custom-built facilities stocked with the same equipment you’d use in a professional workplace. Outside the classroom, you’ll find yourself on one of the world’s great university campuses, in one of the world’s great cities — UTS recently invested $1.2 billion in transforming it into a vibrant, student-centric precinct of the future.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a recent school leaver, a professional looking for a mid-career change, or a lifelong learner seeking new challenges, we’re ready for you.