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Postgraduate application

Local students

Apply is for local students who want to submit an application for postgraduate course work offered by UTS Business School.

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Please note: if you have already submitted your application, log-in with your current details and Manage your application.

Apply Now

Before you apply

Please review the following application checklist:

  • Have you checked UTS Business School's course information? Are the courses you want available?
  • Does your course have any additional course requirements?
  • Do you have an up-to-date CV in a PDF format that can be uploaded? Many of our postgraduate courses require at least some work experience as part of the entry criteria.
  • Do you have a Statement of Service or employment letter which includes a general job description, start and end dates (if applicable) and an indication if the employment was full time or part time?
  • You have read the UTS Business School declaration and information about using Apply.
  • You have details on your qualifications, including Year 12, tertiary and other studies. Note that if your prior university education took place within an Australian university, you do not need to scan records etc. You just need:
    • the name of the institution
    • the name of the course(s) you completed/commenced
    • your student identification number
  • You have set up your printer to print important documents (eg Confirmation of Application).
  • You understand you MUST declare ALL of your studies, even if you've submitted an application through Apply before. These include completed secondary studies such as Australian Year 12 certificates, and both complete and incomplete certificate, degree and diploma-level studies.
  • You may be eligible for Credit Recognition based on prior studies

Manage your application

You must only submit one application through Apply. If you have already applied, and need to submit documentation to support your application do not apply again, simply log in Manage your application.
You can update or change information on your application, upload employment, and other relavent document documents after you have applied. For some courses you may need to upload a CV and Statement of Service or employment letter. Any employment verification must include a general job description, start and end dates (if applicable) and an indication if the employment was full time or part time.

Important Information

  • UTS Business School may have different application closing dates for each course. Check the closing dates for each intake and course.
  • You must apply by the main closing date.
  • UTS Business School will only consider late applications if places are still available. Refer to the key dates page for information about late applications.


International students

International students are temporary/provisional permanent residents or applicants without Australian/New Zealand citizenship or without Australian permanent residency. For information visit UTS International Student Applications.

Credit Recognition

Learn more on how to apply for Credit Recognition.