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Health and wellbeing

Studying safely

Computer comfort

It’s vital to adjust the ergonomic set-up of your computer workstation so you can work comfortably and safely. All students should ensure that they adjust their equipment to suit their needs. Regular, short stretch breaks are important ways of looking after your body at work. Check out the full range of advice and tips ocomputer comfort.

Security shuttle and campus escort service

UTS Security provides an after-hours escort service for all UTS staff and students. Members of our dedicated team are available to escort you to UTS buildings, residences and Central Station. Security staff are also available to escort members of the UTS community during daylight hours in case of injury or specific safety concerns.  You can contact UTS Security Control Room seven nights a week, by calling: 9514 1192.

  • UTS Students and Staff are also encouraged to utilise the regular Security Shuttle Bus Service detailed below. This service runs seven nights a week between February and December, from 6.30pm-2am.

Managing risks

As a student, there may potential risks faced in your study, in particular when using labs, or on field trips. You should:

Accident and illness