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UTS Scholarships

UTS offers an equity-based scholarship called the Diversity Access Scholarship (also known as the Institution Equity Scholarship) to assist local, enrolled students who are struggling financially. The scholarship will primarily assess  the applicant's level of financial disadvantage. In addition, the scholarship assesses and may assist students with disabilities or with other educational and circumstantial disadvantages, that may affect your studies. See the above link for a list of educational and circumstancial disadvantages.

UTS also offers a variety of scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students recognising diversity, leadership and merit. Information and application guidelines can be found through the UTS Scholarships page as well as your respective faculty websites.
The University Graduate School has information about postgraduate research scholarships at UTS.

Scholarships outside UTS

There are also scholarships offered by external organisations (opens an external site) to students with disabilities. Students may be eligible for scholarships offered by organisations in their local area or with whom their parents are associated, for example, trade unions, farmers' associations or the Returned Services League.

Centrelink offers equity-based scholarships. Scholarships that assist students and those from regional Australia with costs associated with higher education are available.