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Internal course transfer

Depending on your circumstances, if you wish to change from one course at UTS to another course at UTS, you may be eligible to apply for an internal course transfer.There are two ways to do this. You may be able to:

  • transfer from your current UTS course to another UTS course for the purpose of graduating
  • transfer from your current UTS course to another UTS course to continue your studies in the new course.

Internal course transfer - graduating

If you wish to transfer courses in order to graduate and you are:

  • a double/combined award student who wishes to transfer to a single award course to allow you to graduate from this course whilst not continuing with the other course, for example transferring from a B Laws /B Int Studies to B Laws (graduating) and not continuing with B Int Studies
  • a double award student wishing graduate from one course and continue in the other, to split the awards *
  • wanting to articulate 'down' to a lower level award to graduate, for example from a Masters to Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate
  • a single award student transferring to another closely related single award program, where they qualify immediately in the new course for graduation, for example a B Sc (Applied Physics) to B Sc (graduating)

you can apply for an internal course transfer (graduating).

* Note: Graduation from the science component of a combined degree is not possible prior to completion of all requirements of the combined degree. Graduation from the non-science degree is possible but students must then complete all requirements for the stand-alone single science degree. Full details are available in the relevant combined course description in the Handbook.

If you are a double degree Business student, you can find additional information about internal course transfer (graduating) for Faculty of Business combined degrees in the Business Handbook

Internal course transfer - continuing

Internal course transfer-continuing applications for the 2017 Spring session will be accepted from Tuesday 18 April to Tuesday 13 June 2017

Applications can be made if you meet the course admissions criteria and you are:

  • an undergraduate student, in a combined degree, wishing to transfer to one of the constituent single degrees;
  • an undergraduate student wishing to add international studies to your current degree (not available for Spring session);
  • an international undergraduate student transferring to any other undergraduate course;
  • a postgraduate coursework student transferring to any other postgraduate coursework degree.

If you don't meet one of these criteria you need to apply for admission in the normal manner.

You can apply for an internal course transfer through My Student Admin.

You will be required to provide a supporting statement (there is a limit of 2000 characters, or approximately 300 words) with your application.  It is recommended that you prepare your statement (on Microsoft word or similar) before beginning your application to ensure that you do not lose your supporting statement due to an application timeout. To submit additional information (optional), please print your completed application and the additional information then submit it to your Student Centre before the closing date.

An email acknowledging your application and providing details of the rest of the application process including dates and deadlines will be sent to your UTS Webmail account.

If you have submitted an ICT Continuing application and you have been made an offer, please do not lodge a course withdrawal application for your old course. After the census date of the first session in your new course, UTS will automatically withdraw you from the old course. 

If you have any further questions please submit an enquiry at Ask UTS or contact a UTS Student Centre

Faculty specific requirements for internal course transfer

Some faculties have special guidelines regarding internal course transfer:

Results of application

The result of your application will be emailed to UTS Webmail account.

Accepting your offer

If you have been emailed an offer, you can accept your offer through My Student Admin.

Once you accept an internal course transfer offer:

  • you are required to submit a Commonwealth assistance form for your new course
  • you will be withdrawn from your old course after all results from the 2016 Spring session has been finalised
  • any subject enrolment from your old course will be transferred to your new course (where applicable). Once your subject enrolment has been transferred to the new course, you can then alter your enrolment, by adding or withdrawing subjects. See How to Enrol for more information on enrolling in subjects. 

Student and related rules:
7.7 Course transfer