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Records management

Keeping good records of its activities assists UTS to maintain corporate memory, support the rights of UTS, students and other stakeholders and helps to ensure compliance with the State Records Act 1998 (NSW) and other relevant legislation.

The Records Management Program at UTS has a decentralised records management model, with each area responsible for creating, capturing and protecting their records according to a pan-university framework.

The framework includes:

  • a quality management component that facilitates the ongoing sustainability of faculty and unit records management systems
  • a risk and disaster management plan that helps areas identify risks that could affect their records and assists in recovery of records in the event of a disaster.

The Records Management Program also provides:

  • procedures for the management of records within faculties and units
  • training for records contacts for staff who have particular responsibilities for records management in areas of the University
  • training for all staff covering recordkeeping requirements and their responsibilities.

For more information about records management at UTS, contact University Records at university.records@uts.edu.au.

UTS is happy to liaise with other records management colleagues, especially in the higher education sector, and share information about our program and approaches. Feel free to contact University Records for further information. 

UTS Archives

The university maintains long-term and permanent records as part of the UTS Archives. Although these archives are not generally open to the public, you can contact University Records about what is held in the archives and make an appointment if you would like to access UTS archival records.

Public access to UTS Archives

Under part 6 of the State Records Act, public access to the University’s records is restricted for 30 years after the record is created. Public access to records over 30 years old will be based on the access directions lodged with the State Archives and Records Authority of NSW. See register of access directions on the Authority's website for access directions relating to UTS.

If you want to access the UTS Archives, contact the Senior Records Officer (Archives Administration) in University Records as your first step, to discuss what you wish to access. You will then be required to complete the application to use University Archives (PDF, 115kB) to apply for access. If your application is approved, you will be provided access to the archives in accordance with the conditions of access specified on the application form.

Access to the Archives is via appointment only. Applicants without an appointment will be provided with the application form, but a future appointment to access the records, if approved, will need to be scheduled.

Staff access to UTS Archives

Staff are able to access records that were created by their area, or for functions for which they are now responsible.

If a staff member wishes to access records created by another area, permission must be obtained from the faculty/unit responsible for the records, in writing, prior to access being granted. Records may be exempt from this requirement where requested:

  • in a subpoena, warrant or court order
  • for an ICAC or similar level of investigation
  • in an application made under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (the GIPA Act) or relevant privacy legislation
  • by the UTS Legal Office or the Internal Audit Unit.

Staff requiring access to other archival records for their own purposes, such as private research, will need to apply in line with the requirements for members of the public (see above).

UTS Archives contact

For appointments or further information about UTS Archives, contact:

Senior Records Officer (Archives Administration)
Telephone: +61 2 9514 1221
Email: Diana.McLaughlin@uts.edu.au

Verification of past student qualifications

Although many of the older student records are held by the UTS Archives, University Records do not handle verification requests. This is managed by the Student Administration Unit.

You can conduct your own verification searches using the university’s Qualification Verification Service. Alternatively, you can direct verification requests to Student Records at student.records@uts.edu.au.