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“Welcome to the Finance Discipline Group (FDG) in the UTS Business School. We are a growing group of more than 30 academics dedicated to conducting high quality research and delivering courses that reflect the latest research and industry practices. Please explore our webpages to get a feel of the experience of our faculty and the vibrant environment in the FDG.“  - Professor David Michayluk, Head of the Finance Discipline 
The federal government has moved to level the playing field in the banking system with Budget measures - including but not restricted to the new levy - aimed at the Big Four, writes Associate Professor Harry Scheule.
Amid the debate over whether Australia has a property market bubble, Associate Professor Harry Scheule considers one scenario where some of the air might escape from prices...
Since its inception in 2008, digital currency Bitcoin has attracted critics who argue it’s inherently risky. The latest push to create an exchange traded fund (ETF) in order to make trading it easier, suggests attitudes towards it haven’t changed.
The number of Australians who are 30 days behind in their mortgage payments is at the highest level in three years, according to ratings agency Moody’s. It projects this will keep rising.