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May 2017

The federal government has moved to level the playing field in the banking system with Budget measures - including but not restricted to the new levy - aimed at the Big Four, writes Associate Professor Harry Scheule.
Amid the debate over whether Australia has a property market bubble, Associate Professor Harry Scheule considers one scenario where some of the air might escape from prices...

April 2017

Since its inception in 2008, digital currency Bitcoin has attracted critics who argue it’s inherently risky. The latest push to create an exchange traded fund (ETF) in order to make trading it easier, suggests attitudes towards it haven’t changed.

November 2016

The number of Australians who are 30 days behind in their mortgage payments is at the highest level in three years, according to ratings agency Moody’s. It projects this will keep rising.

October 2016

A number of economic indicators still show there’s cause for concern in the property market, writes Associate Professor Harry Scheule.

September 2016

Senior Lecturer in Finance Marco Navone explores automated investing in the Business Briefing podcast with Jenni Henderson of The Conversation.

August 2016

Speculators’ liking for Bitcoin means the virtual currency is unlikely to become a serious alternative to traditional mediums of exchange - or a threat to financial stability - any time soon, a new study concludes.
Benchmarking is not only bad for investors but also for markets, the founder of the Paul Woolley Centre at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will tell the centre’s 10th anniversary conference in Sydney in October.
UTS Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance student Nitya Wanzare has been awarded the Brian Gray Scholarship. The scholarship is only awarded to four students in Australia per year, to the value of $15, 000 each.

July 2016

UTS Business School finance student Jaslyn Ng has been awarded the Royal Bank of Canada Women in Finance Scholarship (Undergraduate).
Research into dark trading by Professor Talis Putnins has won the 2015 Philip Brown Prize.

June 2016

A well-backed startup has initiated talks with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a new type of trading venue, dubbed the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE). But could the plan create more problems than it solves?
Even in groups with the lowest levels of climate action concern, a majority is still worried about the issue and want to see action, Dr Deborah Cotton finds.
Housing prices could be expected to continue to increase, though at a slower pace, under proposed changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax, according to modelling by UTS Business School researcher Dr Adrian Lee.

May 2016

The 2016 Federal Budget took a small step towards reversing inequities in the superannuation system associated with its tax incentives but we remain locked in a flawed system, UTS Business School Professor of Finance Ron Bird says.

April 2016

Thanks to the perverse nature of negative gearing, the buy, rent, rent strategy can be cheaper than the most obvious path of home ownership. How?

February 2016

Blockchain technology has great potential to cut inefficiencies in share settlement, write Dr Adrian Lee and Dr KiHoon Hong, but challenges remain.

December 2015

Dark trading isn’t entirely new, but regulators and researchers have been shining their torches on the practice of trading in the shadows of the public market.

May 2015

Research into attitudes to retirement saving suggests the federal government’s plan to tighten the assets test for the age pension may not have the desired effect.

February 2015

UTS academics win the best paper award
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and UTS Business School have formed a new partnership that will advance diversity in the finance sector, announcing two scholarships to be offered to female students from 2015.

January 2015

The first scholarships have been awarded under UTS Business School's partnership with the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA), a global leader in education in alternative investments, a class of assets that includes hedge funds, commodities and private equity.

December 2014

To increase the resilience of the Australian financial system the Big Four banks will be asked to carry larger capital buffers under recommendations made in the final report of theFinancial System Inquiry. Associate Professor Harry Scheule considers the impact.

November 2014

A researcher who has secured a $350,000 grant for a study into insider trading hopes to quantify the extent to which this illegal practice remains undetected and unprosecuted in Australia.

October 2014

As the fossil fuel divestment movement gathers pace, work is proceeding in parallel on strategies with the potential to convince other investors that they can reduce the carbon footprint of their portfolios and still meet their financial goals.

September 2014

A strategy that allows long-term, passive investors to hedge climate risk will be outlined by one of the keynote speakers at this year’s Paul Woolley Centre conference in Sydney.

January 2014

Janet Yellen takes over as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve after Ben Bernanke vacates the seat on Friday. Her impact on the global economy will come from decisions about monetary policy – specifically the Fed’s quantitative easing program – which will be felt around the world, Associate Professor Harry Scheule writes.

November 2013

The big stick of regulation should be wielded with care lest it undermine the efficiency of markets, the financial services sector argues. But a Sydney conference has heard there are question marks over precisely how efficient capital markets are.
What part does torture have in a Finance degree? Dr Gerhard Hambusch's challenging hypotheticals help students delineate their ethical boundaries.