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Dr Janice McCauley


I'm working on industry-focused bioproducts within the Climate Change Cluster (C3)  as part of the expansion of the Bioproducts Research Program.This program has emerged from recent research into the potential industrial uses for algae, such as enzymes and pharmaceuticals.

My  PhD in Analytical Chemistry (UoW) had a strong molecular biology focus and was the result of collaboration with the industry partner Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd (macroalgae-based company).

I plan to will utilise my experience with R&D of novel foods (incl. bioavailability and bioaccessability assays) and ingredients derived specifically from algae.
Image of Janice McCauley
Research Fellow, Climate Change Cluster
Core Member, Climate Change Cluster

Research Interests

  • Algae
  • Novel foods and pharmaceuticals derived from algae
  • Bioproducts
  • Molecular biology