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Hugh B Gage Award

The Hugh B Gage Award is funded by Hugh B Gage to encourage academic excellence in early stages of the Bachelor of Construction Project Management course. The prize consists of a $1000

In the case where more than one (1) student achieves a sufficient mark, a maximum of two (2) joint winners are recognised, each will receive $500

Who is eligible?

Be enrolled in the Bachelor of Construction Project Management (C10214) or the Bachelor of onstruction Project Management Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (C10215); and

Have completed all Year 2 core subjects as per the handbook by the end of the relevant academic year for which the award is made.

Course area(s)

Design and building

Selection process

The Prize will be awarded to the student who obtains the highest Weighted Average Mark (WAM) over all Year 2 core subjects.

Where two (2) students achieve the same WAM, the student (1) or two (2) students with the highest overall GPA in their course will be awarded the Prize.

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