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Sustainable Alginates

36 months





An industry partner sees the potential for novel polysaccharide products to be extracted from algae and transformed into replacement compounds in an existing chemical process.

Marine algae contain large amounts of polysaccharides that vary enormously in size, charge, monomer composition and linkages. We are looking for a chemist with a passion for natural product valorization; specifically polysaccharides. The project involves isolation and in-depth characterization of polysaccharides using comprehensive analytical techniques, physical and chemical analysis of polymer characteristics of the isolated molecules and material testing. Candidate will extensively apply techniques such as molecular spectroscopy (Raman, NMR, and FTIR); chromatography- mass spectrometry (SEC, GC-MS and LC-MS); thermal analysis (DSC and TGA); crystal characterization (XRD) etc. as part of the study. Study will assess the potential of algal polysaccharides to be utilized for industry defined applications.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be either permanent Australian residents or New Zealand citizens. To be eligible for this application, you must hold the following or equivalent degree in:

  • Honours degree with First Class, or Second Class Division 1 in Chemistry, or
  • MSc Research or MSc Coursework in Chemistry with a research thesis of at least 6 months.

Selection process

  • Experience with carbohydrates, carbohydrate chemistry
  • Knowledge in polymer chemistry/ polymer characterization is preferred
  • Experience with extraction techniques, chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques
  • Excellent research skills;
  • Ability to work in a multi-disciplinary project;
  • Excellent communication skills and proficiency in English (both oral and written).
  • Demonstrate strong background in natural product chemistry
  • Cultural fit with C3
  • Passion to provide solutions to climate change
  • Evidence of independent scientific pursuit

Applications closed

14 October 2020

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Other information

The University of Technology Sydney is Australia’s Top Young University and ranked within the Top 200 universities worldwide. Its vibrant campus is located in the center of Sydney, with easy access to all amenities and transport that is ideally suited for PhD student living. C3 has a strong reputation for industry engagement and solving society’s climate-based challenges.