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MinterEllison Prize


$1,000 + a Certificate



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To recognise the best performing student in the undergraduate subject 70417 Corporate Law.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Prize the Recipient must:

  • be enrolled in an undergraduate UTS award course; and
  • have received a result in subject 70417 Corporate Law in the relevant academic year for which the Prize is being awarded.

Selection process

  • The Prize will be awarded to the student who achieves the highest final mark in the subject 70417 Corporate Law in the relevant academic year.
  • In the event that two or more eligible students have the same highest final mark, the following criteria will be considered:
    • Performance in subject 70417 Corporate Law outside of formal assessment that demonstrates mastery of and engagement in the subject;
    • No previous attempts of subject 70417 Corporate Law;
    • Overall academic performance in the student’s course, including GPA, whether the student has failed other subjects, received academic cautions, or had a finding of misconduct against hem.

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