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& Legal Entrepreneur Scholarship


$5,000 + work placement

1 year





The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage academic excellence and foster the entrepreneurial skills of UTS Law students, providing them the opportunity to gain insight into the establishment of a new business and the day-to-day operation of the legal profession.

The Scholarship offers Law students the opportunity to receive a cash grant to support their studies, as well as paid work placement and entrepreneurship mentoring with & Legal. Please read the Conditions of Award for the full details of the Scholarship.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Scholarship an applicant MUST:

  • Be enrolled full-time (minimum of 18 credit points in the session of award) in a UTS undergraduate or postgraduate Law degree;
  • For undergraduate Law students:
    • have successfully completed 96 credit points or greater in their course, with the successful completion of at least 24 credit points in Law core subjects at the time of the scholarship selection;
  • For postgraduate Law students:
    • have successfully completed 36 credit points or greater in their course at the time of scholarship application.
  • Be Australian or New Zealand citizens, or holders of an Australian permanent resident visa or permanent humanitarian visa;
  • Have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or above with no fails unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated in the Scholarship application form;
  • Submit a detailed curriculum vitae;
  • Submit a business plan for a business the applicant wishes to start or has started;
    • The business does not have to be related to the legal profession.
    • The proposed business can be a completely new idea or an innovation of an established type of business.
    • The applicant must acknowledge any other people who have developed the proposed business concept or may reasonably be considered to have a future stake in the business’ intellectual property.
    • & Legal and UTS shall keep all ideas submitted confidential and the applicants retain the intellectual property of their business idea.
  • The business plan is a short executive summary 1-2 pages in length of an investment proposal which must include the concept for the business, resources required to establish the business, the timeframe for development and implementation, expected outcomes, and the identification of areas of need for help. The lean canvas or business model canvas are the recommended business planning methodologies to use.
  • All candidates must apply using the UTS online Scholarship application form;
  • All candidates must be available to attend an interview.  Preference is for an interview in-person, but may be conducted remotely by telephone or other means.

Selection process

  • Alignment of values, goals and culture with those of & Legal as demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview;
  • Academic merit (GPA) in the current UTS course;
  • Motivation and interest in the UTS Law course, as demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview;
  • Motivation and interest in participating in a paid work placement and entrepreneurship mentoring at & Legal, as demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview;
  • Personal experience and achievement, including but not limited to entrepreneurship, as demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview;
  • Business acumen as demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview.

Applications closed

Applications for this Scholarship are currently closed. 

Need more information? Contact...

UTS Scholarships Office

Other information

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&Legal is a full-service law firm that provides creative solutions to their clients. 

Hi, I’m Darian, and I’m the donor of the & Legal Entrepreneur Scholarship. Students get to work with us for an internship over 12 months as a law clerk. There’s a mentorship program; I sit down and we spend time going through their business ideas and their business and they’ve been quite successful so far doing that.

& Legal’s been around for 20-plus years. I took over the firm from an older gentleman; he started in the 70s, so it’s an old firm with a new name. We are a full-service law firm. We’re here to help our clients and it’s all about solutions for clients and how to help people out, so that’s part of why we decided to create this scholarship. 

We found that we were getting these great applicants, great law students coming out of uni, and they just didn’t have that little bit of the commercial experience that our clients needed. So, through this, we’re trying to give our students that come through it some experience and some exposure to the commerce, to what’s important to clients and how it works.