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GO-API Indigenous Scholarship


$10,000 - $50,000

One (1) Year - Five (5) Years





These Scholarships aim to support Indigenous Australian students in undergraduate engineering degrees at UTS who have the potential to be an effective and energetic agent for positive change in both their chosen career and their community.

Within this Program there are two scholarship types to be awarded to a student in an eligible undergraduate degree:

First Year Scholarship - One (1) Recipient commencing their first year; and

Final Year Scholarship - One (1) Recipient enrolling into their final year.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for either Scholarship an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • be of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent and provide either:
    • a Confirmation of Aboriginality from a Local Aboriginal Land Council or other Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation; or
    • a UTS Statutory Declaration form accompanied by two written references from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people from the applicant’s community who can confirm their identity and are not an immediate family member; and
  • First Year Scholarship - Be commencing any undergraduate engineering degree during the calendar year in which the Scholarship is awarded; or
  • Final Year Scholarship - Be in enrolled their final year of any undergraduate engineering degree during the calendar year the Scholarship is awarded; and
  • All candidates must apply using the UTS online Scholarships application form to be eligible; and
  • All candidates must be available to attend an interview in person if requested.

Selection process

As demonstrated in the Scholarship application and interview:

  • Likelihood that the receipt of the scholarship will increase the Recipient’s ability to complete the UTS degree at a higher level of performance than would otherwise be the case;
  • Potential for the Recipient to be an effective and energetic agent for positive change in both their chosen career and community;
  • Commitment to the cultural identity and heritage of the Indigenous community in which they are a member;
  • Motivation to succeed in the nominated UTS course.


Preference may be given as follows:

  • Final Year Scholarship – to students registered, or eligible for an internship, with CareerTrackers.
  • to students with a demonstrated interest in energy engineering.
  • to applicants who can demonstrate financial disadvantage and/or other educational barriers as demonstrated by a UAC Equity Scholarship application. Other educational barriers may include:
    • Regional or remote background
    • Sole parent responsibilities
    • Carer responsibilities
    • Long-term medical condition / disability or ongoing effect of abuse

Applications closed

Applications for this scholarship are currently closed. Applications will open in late July.

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UTS Scholarships
Phone: +61 2 9514 2527

Other information

For the full details of this scholarship please see the Conditions of Award